James Broad

I'm A Product Engineer

inventor & developer of fine websites

About Me

Front-end web developer with over 10 years professional experience developing high profile websites.

I spend most of my time coding in JavaScript, React, Angular JS, Polymer, Node.js, CSS3, HTML5 to name but a few core technologies.

I'm a big fan of continually improving the way we develop software so processes like Kanban, Agile and Lean Startup are all things I learn and improve upon.

Work Portfolio

Bloom & Wild

Maturing the Angular frontend through tests, developed many new features including same day delivery checkout


General feature development including improved image uploader, mobile NFC site and a giftcard system

BBC Weather

Greenfield project to modernise and simplify access to weather information


Modernised the BBC Social Science experiment site to use the BBC GEL framework

Yahoo! Finance

Provided an upgrade of the financial news sections with a focus on better design, performance, accessibility and SEO

Yahoo! Message Boards

Transitioned a forked codebase into a unified internationalized message board platform

Yahoo! EU Homepage

Styled and added functionality to modules on the Yahoo! EU portals

Time Out Film

Visual overhaul and upgrade to a leaner, standards compliant codebase

Time Out Shop

User experience and design upgrade

Personal Projects

Having many ideas and a desire to develop them, here are some projects that I've delivered. The projects being actively maintained are highlighted.


Embeded Instagram photos for ecommerce


Create a REST API in seconds


Hosted time lapse video generation software for long term projects


Attach annotations to Twitter accounts


Social network for makers wanting to share progress on side projects

Follow Status

A mini application to let you discover if one Twitter user follows another


Open source Tumblr theme

Dom Dash

A central hub to hold all information about all your domain names

Money IO

Personal budgeting & tax assistance application

Work Styled

Design inspiration for the workplace blog

Micro Lists

Who doesn't create a todo list app?

Camera Porn

Camera and lens showcase

Carbon Silk

My design & development blog

Kulor Photography

Personal photography portfolio

Design portfolio

Collection of my various website designs

I hope all's good in and thanks for spending here. You can contact me by emailing my initials @kulor.com.